Squirt Game Vol 1

Description : The game is so named since players must draw different geometric shapes (circle, square or triangle) on the ground, which, taken together, appear to form a squid. If an attacker manages to pass through the defender and enter the squid’s head, the squid is proclaimed the winner of the game. The series tells the story of a group of people who decide to become players in a mysterious survival game that is awarded a whopping 45 billion won.

Stars : Remu suzumori, Noa mizuki, Ai yuzuki, Maria Aine, Mion Sonoda, Umi Yatsugake, Airi suzumura

Country : South Korean

Language : Korean

Squirt Game Vol 1 on IMDb 4,7/10 2021


Los violadores del amanecer 1978

Description : A gang of four out of control adolescent ruffians egg each other on, to take hostage, torture, and brutally rape several girls, whilst on the run from the law.

Director : Ignacio F. Iquino

Writers : Ignacio F. Iquino

Stars : Mireia Ros, Linda Lay, Eva Lyberten, Alicia Orozco, Silvia Solar, Sonia Senties

Country : Spain

Language : Spanish

Los violadores del amanecer 1978 on IMDb 4,4/10 1978


Fermo posta Tinto Brass 1995

Description : Tinto Brass receives letters containing real stories of women's erotic adventures which are subsequently transformed into short sex vignettes.

Director : Tinto Brass

Writers : Tinto Brass, Aurelio Grimaldi, Claudio Lizza

Stars : Tinto Brass, Laura Gualtieri, Erika Savastani, Paolo Lanza, Sara Cosmi, Cinzia Roccaforte, Carla Solaro

Country : California Film - Produttori Associati

Language : Italy

Fermo posta Tinto Brass 1995 on IMDb 5,2/10 1995


Frat House 1979 Full Movie

Description : The movie has spawned several parodies, cheap imitations, and direct rip-offs, as well as, influenced countless more. In 1979 David Worth was tasked with creating an adult film that was obviously inspired by the the college comedy.

Director : David Worth

Writers : David Worth

Stars : Bruce Dobos, Michael Parker, Turk Lyon, Randy Allen, Hillary Summers, Lisa De Leeuw, Tawny Pearl, Tanya, Candie

Country : United States

Language : English

Frat House 1979 on IMDb 5,4/10 1979


Bruna Surfistinha 2011

Description : After the adoptive daughter of a stable family leaves them for a new life as a prostitute, she rises to become a popular performer among her clients, and details her routine in her blog.

Director : Marcus Baldini

Writers : José Carvalho, Homero Olivetto, Antonia Pellegrino, Raquel Pacheco, Jorge Tarquini

Stars : Deborah Secco, Cássio Gabus Mendes, Drica Moraes, Fabiula Nascimento, Cristina Lago, Clarisse Abujamra

Country : Brazil

Language : Portuguese

Bruna Surfistinha 2011 on IMDb 6,1/10 2011

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